One of the greatest podcast hosts is in The Business Meets Fitness Podcast in this episode. We discuss not only the practicalities of some of the things Danny Lennon has learned through interviewing so many people at the top of their game, but also what it is like to be the owner and podcash host of Sigma Nutrition.


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(03:00): Danny's podcast was the first I ever listened to!

(04:00): Danny's Background

(06:15): How Danny started Sigma Nutrition

(09:00): What Danny is focusing on right now

(10:30): What Danny's life is really like and what he likes about it

(12:25): Geographical independence

(15:30): MASS

(16:30): Key similarities that Danny has seen through interviewing so many experts

(22:30): Stuff that matters vs how much it matters

(25:00): Flexible dieting and how to free your mind

(27:30): Craziest thing Danny has learned during an interview on his podcast

(31:15): 2 catergories of clients and how to deal with them (awareness of what they're currently doing or need to be doing vs aware of what they're doing but failing to adhere)

(33:40): Way to dramatically improve the chance of your coaching being successful: Understanding the art of coaching

(36:40): Danny's favourite thing about being an online business owner

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